December 15, 2009

Ladyboy Pics from Hawaii

17 682x1024 Ladyboy Pics from Hawaii

24 682x1024 Ladyboy Pics from Hawaii

The lovely Rachel who used to work for me on Tropical Transsexuals live feed when I first came to Hawaii.

She’s now 23 and as lovely as ever although her ass gets bigger everytime I see her. She’s always super-cute, super-nice and just a fun girl to be around, mixes along the local Filipino girls easily.

PK’s info:

Rachel is a beautiful Hawaiian girl who moved here to Vegas 3 years ago. She makes her living as a feature dancer in one of the local clubs. She has beautiful tan skin and one of the most incredible bodies you will ever see. She is primarily a bottom and likes her sex rough. She told me that despite liking rough sex her favorite look is “Pretty Boys”. Click here to Join Shemaleyum

33 682x1024 Ladyboy Pics from Hawaii

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