Slender ladyboy straight from Thailand


Slender ladyboy straight from Thailand Slender ladyboy straight from Thailand

“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “You wear stuff like this too.” The panties tickled where they touched him, and he idly scratched his pubic area as he spoke. “You’ve never seen me in thong back undies.” Linda denied. “I think they make my hips look too big. They look absolutely great on you though.” “I didn’t ask to be this way.” Joe said. “But I’m gonna try to make the best of what I have left.” “Well, I really wish you were still male.” Linda said. “But you do make a great looking woman.” Yeah, Joe thought. Thats what everybody thinks. His best friend, and now…his fiance. Could it happen that Linda and Jay might change places in his life? “I’m trying my best.” Joe said. “But I gotta say, it’s a little wierd when your girl friend…your fiance…buys dresses for you.” “I’m sorry.” Linda said. “I just thought you would like it. I know you need clothes for work if they don’t get you changed back soon.”

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