Fabulous sexy tranny tricking a horny and masked Wazzup guy


You many not know this but I really love to roleplay. Spicing up the sex life is so much fun and I am always thinking of naughty parts for my man to play. I just saw a very scary movie last night and like always I can relate to the heroine in the film. The only difference between me and her is I use sex to capture my bad man. Once he sees what is inside my panties he is sure to want me. It is then I will take that moment of indecision to make my move. Turning the tables on him by making him desire my body I will then take control. He seduced and tasted me and now I am going to return the favor. Tying him up and not letting him go until I have my way with him. It won’t be just once because I really have to punish him for being so very bad.
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