Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Kakisaki


Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Kakisaki Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Kakisaki

I have been wanting to shoot Yuu and she finally granted my wish! I am proud to present you Yuu Kakisaki, a 24 year old beauty, a super-hot show dancer from a famous show-pub in Shinjiuku, Tokyo. This leggy girl has a dancer`s tight body, accented by a pair of big breasts and an amazingly curvy waist-line. She`s got that perfect combination of cuteness and glamour. Passable is an understatement for Yuu. She said she`d never been clocked even when hanging around Shinjiuku, the Newhalf Town. And to top all these, she`s got a cock that`s rock hard! When she is not working, Yuu likes going to clubs, practicing her dance movements, and shopping around the trendy Harajiuku, Shibuya area. Yuu values the quality of being reliable in men more than their appearances. She admitted that she is not wife material because she`d rather be pampered by many reliable men at the same time than being committed to just one. Yuu loves sex. Her favorite ways of having sex include having the tip of her cock skillfully tongued, and cumming while riding the man on top. Yuu has a sister who was a rather well-known AV actress, whose connections have brought up many AV deal offers to Yuu over the years but she`s turned them all down. We appreciate her choice to make her debut on SMJ. I`ve also finished a hardcore shoot of her and will put them up soon. Enjoy Yuu`s first ever porn performace!


Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Kakisaki Japanese Ladyboy Yuu Kakisaki

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